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A healthier you begins with your first session
Thank you for visiting Healing Hands Mobile Massage.  As we all know, life is full of stress, which is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.  But, excessive stress, along with overexertion, inactivity for extended periods of time and often times poor work habits all combine to give us muscle aches and pains.  Healing Hands Mobile Massage takes away the excuse of not having time to get away by coming to you and providing the relief you need in the shortest amount of time.


From short session chair massages to the longer, more relaxing table massages, we provide Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Stretching and Sports Massage at your location, whether at work or home.  Our affordable rates, outstanding customer service and skilled therapists will provide you with the best reason to treat yourself on a regular basis.  Listen to your body and book a convenient appointment now.  Your Qi will thank you for it.


We are also available for special events, such as conventions, music festivals, block parties, birthday parties, reunions, customer/employee appreciation days. Do you own a business? Include monthly or bi-weekly chair massages as part of your wellness plan. This is ideal for construction workers to relieve tension in their backs with the continual heavy lifting they do. Or office workers sitting at a computer whose lower back and wrists hurt. We can help manage pain and fatigue, and in many cases resolve issues causing restricted motion and productivity. Chair massage is also ideal for special/social services, both staff and clients, in an especially stressful environment.


The benefits of massage are many, but don't wait until you get hurt to find out for yourself. Call now to book an appointment @ 267-357-5529. You can also find us at Pura Vida Remedies on Monday and Thursday mornings from 10-1. Pura Vida Remedies is located at 2651 Huntingdon Pike, Bryn Athyn, PA. We will also be there select weekends as well. Please visit them at www.puravidaremedies.com or call (215)-938-8541 for upcoming availability there as well.


Upcoming Events: 

Join us for the Scares That Care Charity Event in Williamsburg, VA the weekend of July 21-23, 2017.







We had a great weekend at MARSCON this year, and we look forward to returning January 12-14, 2018 for the Year of the Wolf. We hope to see you there.




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